What areas in Michigan do you cover?

We have offices in the Detroit and Grand Rapids areas, allowing us to service virtually any job in Lower Michigan, from Lake Erie to Lake Michigan – as far North as Saginaw and as far South as the Ohio-Indiana border.

How do I estimate?

Are you lead safe?

Yes, Alloy Gutter is EPA Lead Certified.

What is an ice dam?

Please visit our ice dam information page here.

Why do my gutters overflow or leak after a heavy rain?

Gutters appear to leak and overflow frequently in the spring and fall seasons. The usual suspect for spring and fall “leaks” is actually debris in your gutters (and not really a leaky gutter).

Please note: debris in gutters and downspouts causing them not to work properly is NOT a warranty issue.

It doesn’t take much debris in your gutters to cause big problems. After a heavy rain, any debris that has accumulated in your gutters will drain to the outlet and consequently block the outlet or plug the downspout internally. Alloy Gutter’s simple solution is to put a ladder at the downspout and use your hand to pull the leaves and debris away from the outlet. You might want to flush the downspout out with a hose. Alloy Gutter would be happy to get you an estimate to clean your gutter and downspout system. A long-term solution, of course, would be to install a leaf protection system, which would help eliminate these problems. We would be happy to assist you in choosing the best leaf protection solution for your home.

How can I get rid of the dark streaks or ‘tiger stripes’ on my gutters?

Ingredients: 1/3 cup laundry detergent, 2/3 cup trisodium phosphate 1 quart 5% bleach, 3 quarts water. Mix, apply to the gutters, and rinse.

Do you use spikes or hidden hangers?

We have both products available and will install your gutters with the product that you prefer.

What is the gauge of your metal?

Our 5″ gutters are .027 and our 6″ gutters are .032

Why Do We Use Box Miters?

Pros: Strictly aesthetic.
Cons: They have only 1 seal. Few rivets are used. Only 1/2″ overlap. Expansion and contraction of gutters due to temperature changes can cause the seal to break (a 40′ length of gutter can expand or contract by over 1/2″).

Pros: They are not noticeable from the ground. 10 rivets are used to secure them. Spike and ferrule are added to corners for additional support. Each side of the miter is double sealed. There is more surface area to seal to, allowing for expansion and contraction of the gutters while maintaining a seal.