Leaf Protection

Why Do I Need Leaf Protection? (or gutter guards, or gutter covers – toMAYto, toMAHto)

Well, do you enjoy getting out a ladder, moving it around your house, and cleaning your dirty gutters? If your answer is no, then you would benefit from a leaf protection system. Leaf protection eliminates the need to lug out a heavy ladder and climb to precarious heights in order to scoop out leaves and gunk.

The purpose of leaf protection is to stop miscellaneous airborne debris and leaves from getting into your gutters. Without gutter guards, you are running the risk of the aforementioned junk blocking the flow of your gutters, downspouts, and even your underground drains (if applicable).

Gutter guards reduce the amount of hands-on maintenance you have to spend on your gutters. I don’t know about you, but we like things that we can install and (somewhat) forget about.

Leaf protection also assists in keeping vermin out your gutter system. It helps to eliminate stagnant water from sitting in your gutters – which is a breeding ground for all things gross and undesirable.

Gutter guards are also helpful in the winter, because they will prevent debris from going into your gutters and freezing, causing your gutter system to have weighty build up that can eventually pull your gutters away from your house.

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Strainer Style

Shelter Style

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