Getting Crafty With Gutters

I’m always amazed by all the artsy/creative people out in the blogosphere. They never seem to run out of great ideas. They take the most unlikely objects and turn them into useful things for the home. Recently I went on Pinterest and searched “gutters;” I found gutter projects that are both doable and usable.

Many versions of outdoor planters are shown. Most of these gutter planters are attached to fences or hanging from chains. Herbs seem to be the most widely used plants. Typically, gutters hold rainwater but these now have drainage holes for the plants.

Another idea is to use gutters indoors as bookshelves. The photos often show them in children’s rooms. They can be cut to any length to create custom shelving units.

Can you think of any new uses for gutters? Here at Alloy Gutter Company we are sticking with what we do best; protecting your home’s exterior from moisture damage. However, you if come up with a crafty gutter idea, let us know and Alloy would be happy to share it on this blog!