Pliers and Wrenches – How to Choose and Use

Whether you are a professional plumber or one of those people who venture to do some repairs in your home, surely you need some tools for your work to be perfect. Start by purchasing a wrench, also known as adjustable wrench. Available in different sizes, this tool is suitable for regular bolts and nuts. A pipe wrench is used for hydraulic systems, specifically when you dock and turn the threads of pipes. As a result of being adjustable, the tool fits different sizes of parts. The best known type of Allen key has the body profile in shape of an L, which enables leverage during tightening or loosening screws. It is used in screws with hexagon socket fitting. The fit should be perfect without clearance. Thoroughly clean the screw of the internal fitting, removing any kind of dirt. A poorly fitted key can escape and cause an accident. KEY TAKEAWAYS:
  • Grooved-joint pliers quickly adjust to grip several different sizes of hexagonal and square nuts and fasteners.
  • To prevent grooved-joint pliers from slipping, always grip the nut so that you're pulling the handle toward the pliers' smaller, adjustable jaw.
  • Combination wrenches come in a wide variety of sizes. Each has an open-end wrench on one end and a box wrench on the other.
"Tools List for How to Choose and Use Pliers and Wrenches: - Grooved-joint pliers - Combination wrench - Adjustable wrench - Pipe wrench" Original Source: