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7 Handy Tools for Refinishing Furniture

.l,bnm,While some furniture withstood the test of time, others may have just lost its regal presence. However, it’s such a waste to throw furniture away when it can be easily restored – good as new.

You may need more than just a simple scraper and paint to properly execute this though. But no worries, we are here to give you some quick tips. Add more tools to your kit with a few life hacks and you’ll be able to transition worn out furniture to its former self.

These are 7 tools that come in handy when you are trying to refinish your furniture:
Carbide Scraper
Contour Scraper
3-in-1 Wire Brush
Painter’s Pyramid
Painter’s Assistant
Dust Free Sponge Sander
Tack Cloth


  • Refinishing a wooden table, chair, or dresser with paint is an economical way to breathe new life into old yet still functional furnishings.
  • The process of refinishing may expend all your energy without proper tools to use for it.
  • You can achieve an elegant finish to your favorite furniture after refinishing it.

Gone are the days of having to juggle painting tools while you teeter on a ladder in quest of a perfect paint finish.

This compact carpentry companion can outmaneuver traditional hand sanders, even in small spaces, narrow channels, or tight corners, without leaving any gritty evidence behind.

Whether you simply want to refinish your furniture or transform it to a regal piece of wood, you can put an elegant finish to it with a little help from these tools.

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