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Brackets vs. Spikes: Choosing The Best Gutter Fastener for the Job

Today, most aluminum gutters are attached to the house with brackets. However, many old timers remember when spikes were the standard fastening method. On rare occasions, we get a call asking for spikes. Alloy Gutter Company does recommend using brackets but the choice is yours.

Gutter brackets are commonly referred to as hidden hangers. The brackets use screws instead of nails. Using screws provides a much more secure connection to the roof or fascia board. Temperature changes have little to no affect on the brackets.

Gutter spikes are long nails that are hammered inside the gutter and attached to the fascia board.


Changes in temperature can cause the spikes to expand and contract. After a while, they can pull out of the fascia board. The fix for this is to pound them back into the fascia board. However, most of the time the nail hole has enlarged and the spike pops back out again.

If you have ANY gutter questions give Alloy Gutter Company a call. We have been in business for over thirty five years. Way back in the day before there were brackets!