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Gutters – An Unlikely Tourist Attraction

Do you like straying off the beaten path when traveling?  Do you enjoy seeing and hearing what artists, sculptors and designers do to create unusual building facades? If you seek a unique travel experience, be sure to check out the “singing drain pipes” of Dresden.

Located in Dresden, Germany, is a series of courtyards known as Kunsthofpassage.  An art experiment known as the Ginkgo project resulted in 5 unique building facades. The most photographed one is The Courtyard of the Elements. This bright turquoise building is covered in a unique configuration of gutter pipes and funnels. In addition, this gutter system plays music when it rains!

Alloy Gutter Company doesn’t offer musical gutters. However, we may have you “singing in the rain” after installing your gutter system. If you want to hear drainpipe music you must travel to Germany. However, if you want the best gutter system available you can find it right here at Alloy Gutter Company!