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Milwaukee M12 LED Spotlight – Like a Handheld Car High Beam

In case one brightness isn’t enough for you, the Milwaukee M12 LED spotlight has three different modes. One of them, a strobe feature, I didn’t actually realize existed until I read the documentation. Unlike many multi-mode flashlights, Milwaukee doesn’t make you power the light on and off to find the mode you want. That style of light can be really annoying as you power on and off the light repeatedly to get to what you want.

Instead Milwaukee has a trigger on/off and a cleverly-named “mode” button at the back of light. Once you power the light on with the trigger pushing the “mode” button will cycle you between low and high beams. If you hold down the “mode” button, you’ll discover the strobe mode which is great for emergency use or to bust out your freshest moves from Saturday Night Fever. One thing I really like is that the light remembers what mode you used last and defaults to that each time you turn the light back on.

The trigger design on the M12 LED Spotlight is great. Not only is the handle ergonomic (if you’ve held any of the M12 drills, the LED Spot will seem very familiar), but the trigger can either be depressed lightly for momentary brightness or pulled in on the way for constant on (until the trigger is pulled again in the future). Despite the whole rig not exactly being pocket-sized, the head of the tool doesn’t feel particularly heavy. The overall weight depends on whether you use the original m12 batteries, or the larger XC square shaped battery pack. I definitely prefer the XC, both in terms of runtime, but also because you can stand the light up without it toppling over.


  • This light is no joke when it comes to projecting a beam far away.
  • It’s great for home inspectors, or pro’s that need to inspect dark buildings or big unlit and hard to reach areas.
  • The beam pattern has an intensely bright bullseye in the center, a slightly dimmer ring around that, and then a much dimmer broader ring around that.
  • “The Milwaukee M12 LED Spotlight kicks out a narrowly-focused 750 Lumens in high beam and strobe modes, or 400 Lumens in low beam mode. Both low beam and strobe use about 1/2 the battery power as the high beam mode (4-8 hours according to Milwaukee, with an XC 4.0 battery). Milwaukee also estimates the beam distance as 700 yards.”

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