How To Keep Mold and Mildew Away After Flooding

To clean the mold and mildew in your home you need to take some precautions, if you have a serious problem of fungus on the walls, it may be better to seek the help of an expert. Make sure you wear eye protection, gloves and a mask for the face to avoid contact with the spores released by the fungus. Open windows or use a fan. Mold and mildew are the terror of most homes. Not least because they can be bad for your health. But luckily, you can use everyday cleaning products to end the fungi and prevent them to re-appear. In this case, it is important to go straight to the root of the problem. The mold usually grow in warm and humid environments without much air circulation. Since the mold is another type of fungus that can grow on the walls. It is characterized by patches that can spread quickly if not treated. In general, these fungi grow only by the ambient conditions. Other times, they may be the result of a storm or plumbing leaks inside or outside the home. The air conditioning piping, for example, can generate excessive moisture inside walls if it is not properly isolated. To find out if the dark area on your wall is actually mold or mildew, apply a little bleach in spots using a piece of cloth. If the stain clear after a few minutes, you found fungi. If not, probably its walls are just dirty.   KEY TAKEAWAYS:
  • There is something that people forget. All it needs is a little moist and a little dark space and it can grow so quickly.
  • It can be there and you won't know at all.
  • Your ceiling fan, very very good make sure you use in an counter clockwise position so it is creating the breeze throughout the house.
"You think everything is clean and all of a sudden a month or so later you see just a kind of white specks and you wonder, it looks like dust on it and it is actually those mold spores that are growing, and sometimes it will be just as white as can be and other times is dark black mold." Original Source:

The Price You’ll Pay For Leaking Gutters


Who enjoys spending money on gutters? Not me. I would much rather spend money on the “fun stuff” for my house; things that people will actually notice and compliment me on.  However, new gutters are not as expensive as most people think and you don’t want to spend a much larger amount on repairing a water damaged home.

I was watching a home remodeling show where the homeowners had ignored an overflowing gutter. As a result, their basement started to develop a musty smell that they chose to ignore. The brick and trim on the home’s exterior started turning green from moss growth. The water pouring down along the foundation of their house was causing more damage with every rainfall.

A few years later they decided to remodel their basement. Once demolition was underway their contractor found several unwelcome surprises. The cement block basement wall was ruined in several spots and the front porch brickwork needed extensive repairs. This was the result of ignoring an overflowing gutter.

The time had now come to pay the price for the deferred maintenance. It was going to cost several thousand dollars to fix the water damaged areas. They were told that these repairs had to be completed before any other work could be done.  Of course these dollars were not in the budget and the scope of work for the basement remodeling project had to change.

Don’t let this unpleasant surprise happen to you. Make sure your gutters are working properly so that your largest investment is protected. At Alloy Gutter Company we are experts at preventing costly water damage. We can install new gutters or even repair your existing gutters. Call Alloy Gutter Company for a free estimate and be assured that costly water damage issues are not in your future.