What’s New in the Gutter Biz?

rain chain

Have you toured any model homes lately? If you look closely you may notice a couple of new exterior items as you approach the house. Some builders now include a rain chain near the front door because it’s more aesthetically appealing than a downspout. In addition, you may spot a rain barrel on the property. Many home owners are concerned about water conservation and they realize that it’s beneficial to water plants with rainwater instead of tap water.

Alloy Gutter Company often gets calls asking if we install both rain chains and rain barrels...YES we do! There are many different styles of rain chains and rain barrels available. For this reason, we ask that you provide the materials. As long as you have these items on site we will be happy to hook them up for you as part of your gutter installation. You can also have us add them to your existing gutter system.

Alloy Gutter Company can take care of any of your gutter needs including minor repairs, complete gutter installations and adding the extras like rain chains and rain barrels...make us your first call to install it all!

Going Green – Rain Barrels In 2012?

Even if you do not give much thought to the big green machine, rain barrels can help you go green in more places than your environmental footprint, namely your wallet! Reasons to Consider Rain Barrels:
  • Rain water is naturally soft, so it is better for washing your car and watering indoor plants than tap water.
  • Save money! Use the water you've collected to water outdoor plants – reducing your water and sewage bill!
  • Saving your rain water is a good backup source of water for times of drought or in between rain showers.
  • Rain Barrels can help improve the aesthetics of your house, as they can be beautiful and add lots of character to your home and landscaping.
Would you really save money?? YES! According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, 40% of water consumption is used for garden and lawn irrigation. 538485173

Save Money - Help the Environment - Be Kind To Your Plants