“Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful….” And So Is All Of The Snow On Your Roof!

There are several reasons why the snow on your roof can be dangerous to your home. It may look pretty and seem like something that you can’t avoid, but here are some reasons that you should do something about the snow on your roof.
  • The more snow we get, the heavier it becomes on your roof. 2 words – cave in! Snow can actually cause your roof to cave in.
  • Snow can result in roof leaks. Nobody wants a leaky roof over the holidays!
  • Ice, snow, and water can cause your roof to warp and rot. We all know roofs are not cheap to replace, so it is important to keep the one you have in good condition.
  • Wintery precipitation left on your roof can cause stains.
Alloy Gutter Company offers snow removal from roofs. We also apply calcium chloride to aid melting and prevent the future accumulation of more snow and ice.

Snow On Your Roof? Consider Roof Raking

7750368 Alloy Gutter Company offers roof-raking and snow removal from roofs. We also can apply calcium chloride to melt the snow. This helps to prevent ice damming and also removes the heavy weight of snow from the roof that can cause damage or even a roof to cave in. Removing snow from a roof can be dangerous, why not have an insured expert take the stress out of taking care of your roof. Call us today at (734) 374-2100 for a free estimate or to discuss any questions you might have. Heavy Snow Can Cause:
  • Cave In's
  • Water Intrusion
  • Warping
  • Rotting
  • Brown Stains