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How to Weather Wood – Easy DIY Methods

Making furniture look old can be done using simple tricks, people passionate about decorating or who wants to give a rustic, antique or vintage can use simple DIY tricks.

There are techniques that involve sanding the surface of the furniture, or simply using the elements to give a total new look to any wood surface. Different ways to weather the wood can so that it appears to have lived through years for sunshine, spills, wear and tear despite being a new piece. Some of the techniques will age your furnishings quickly.

Some of the looks you can give the wood are fake wear and tear, go grey, rich wood stain, weather with paint or bleach with a sun bath.


  • Different wood gets different results, despite using the same process. And whatever that process, it’s never an exact science.
  • Nothing is permanent. If you’re not crazy about your end results, rest assured that they’re only surface deep!
  • You can always paint it, or strip it and try again, thanks to the forgiving nature of this beloved building material.

“Naturally, wet wood looks very different when dry, so let your treatments dry completely before deciding to add another layer.”

“Use the elements to weather your wood. One sunny afternoon could add years to your furniture’s appearance. This method only works with tannic woods, like redwood, cedar, pine, mahogany, and red oak, so check what type of wood your piece is made of before you begin.”

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