If you own an older home, you may notice small circular concrete things sticking up a few inches above ground level. They are close to the home’s foundation.  What are these mystery things?  What was their purpose? Why don’t we see them on newer houses?

These mystery things are called crocks. They did serve a purpose many years ago. Rainwater from homes used to drain into the community sewer system. The water from your roof would end up at the water treatment plant. As cities grew, the cost became prohibitive. For this reason, many communities have outlawed draining roof water in the storm sewers.

Today, downspouts discharge rain water away from the house and directly onto the lawn.  At Alloy Gutter Company we occasionally get requests to seal up obsolete crocks. Alloy will cement over the opening where the downspout used to discharge; this is done at a very nominal charge. As a bonus, sealing up the crocks will bring your gutter system up to city code. Give us a call because Alloy Gutter Company can take care of ALL your gutter needs, including the crocks.