Gutters – The Unsung Heroes

Gutters might not be seen as important but get gutters wrong and damage to your property can ensue, leaving the property looking old, tired, and leaving you with costly repairs.  Get them right, and your gutters not only protect your property from damage but they are an understated cosmetic addition to the overall aesthetics of your home. Gutters are troughs that are connected to the edge of a rooftop and guide away rain water.  As rain falls onto a pitched roof it moves down and into the canal where it is flows to a downpipe.  The gutter is designed to move water or debris to the ground and away from your house to protect it. Without guttering your property is vulnerable to water damage to the roof structure or fascia and soffit.  If rain water was to accumulate in one area on the ground it could also weaken the foundations which would then lead to costly damage to your home or business. Gutters are hardly noticed until they go wrong, but with the right gutters they are the unsung heroes of your home! To ensure that you don’t have to worry about the pitter-patter of rain on your roof you do need to regularly maintain your gutters.  Leaves, debris, and other material can block up the gutter and must be removed so that water flows effectively. KEY TAKEAWAYS:
  • Seamless gutters are free of demarcations which make them highly functional and efficient in preventing water leakage.
  • Choosing this longer lasting aluminium product will increase the curb appeal of your home whilst remaining kind to the pocket.
  • The high quality seamless aluminum guttering comes with an ogee profile that provides efficient drainage of water.
"During the 1960s a machine was created that was able to roll a coil of aluminium through it that would form it into a length of gutter.  Seamless aluminium gutters were born; a product that was able to be produced on-site to any length required that was custom fit for the property." Original Source:

Rain Gutter Ice Dams

If you have rain gutters on your home and you live in a climate where the temperature drops below freezing, you can have a problem with ice dams. When the temperature freezes, the snow or ice in your gutters can freeze solid, blocking the path for runoff. When the weather warms up enough to melt the ice, the top layer will melt first and back up onto the roof. If there is a freeze again, the ice and water can go underneath the shingles or other roofing material you have on your roof. When this happens, the water can leak into the house, which will in turn cause water damage to your insulation, ceilings and walls. There are a few products on the market that can help prevent this problem and by preventing ice dams, you will save money by preventing costly water damage inside your home. nice prevention tool is the use of heat tapes. This is a set of tape or cables that include electric heating wires that go along the edge of your roof just above the gutters and in the gutter itself. The heat will keep the snow and ice freezing solid and building up, in and around the gutters. The heating wires also help keep the gutters working properly by eliminating water from backing up onto the roof. KEY TAKEAWAYS:
  • The first way to prevent this damage is to make sure you have proper insulation and ventilation in your attic.
  • Your roofing contractor can help you to assess the potential problems with ice dams.
  • Proper prevention of your investment will save you a lot of money and heartache from the elements.

  • "Having the right system in your attic will help eliminate hot spots on the roof that will allow the snow and ice up there to melt unevenly."

    Original Source:

    Small Roof Leaks – Major Damage

    A small roof leak can cause great headache and be quite costly if not fix promptly. Finding where the leak is can be hard and you might need to find a reliable roofer that will get it right the first time. Minor leaks can cause major damage. Listen to a 60 seconds home improvement radio tip and avoid roofers that give you a list of bullet points with important details missing. Ensure that you know exactly what materials the contractor plans to use. Second-rate supplies maybe cheaper, but at the end you might need additional repair that will cost you a lot of money. KEY TAKEAWAYS
    • Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable contractor.
    • Take a closer look at the estimates you’ve already received. How comprehensive are they?
    • A careful review takes time, but it can save you thousands of dollars—and loads of grief.
    "Don’t let your roofer talk you into nailing new shingles over the old ones. You’re better off inspecting the sheathing below and correcting any issues before moving forward. Finally, before you sign the contract, read it over so you understand any liabilities and warranties. If anything goes wrong on the job—or after the crew leaves—you’ll know exactly where you stand." Original Source:

    Rain Run Freely – Performing Gutters Maintenance

    The gutters play an essential role in protecting the outside of a house, allowing the drain water from the ceiling to the floor. When clogged with leaves, twigs, branches and other dirt or debris, the water does not drain properly and this will eventually cause damage if the problem is not resolved. Gutters need to be cleaned once or twice a year and more if the house is surrounded by trees. If you notice that the water is not flowing in the gutters when it rains, it indicates that they are full of debris or clogged. Whether you try to perform gutter maintenance manually, others rely on instruments like scoops or tongs, it might not be worth risking your life and limbs scaling a full-size extension ladder. Although, in theory, it can be cheaper to clean and maintain your own gutter, there are numerous reasons why hiring a professional service may be the best choice.
    • gutter guard option
    • reduce the amount you spend cleaning and maintaining gutters
    • weight of clogged section pulls down gutters
    Continue Reading ... "When you consider the nature of gutter cleaning, and when you think about the very real physical dangers associated with working high up on a ladder, it’s easy to see why so many dread the task."

    A Finishing Touch

    Half a century ago, many stately homes and churches used scupper boxes as part of their standard gutter systems. At that time, scupper boxes were necessary to control the large volume of water flowing off the massive buildings. Today we rarely have an actual need for scupper boxes. However, some architects specify them for their decorative appeal. Alloy Gutter Company occasionally gets a request to include scupper boxes on a job.  We are a full service gutter company and can install this ornamental embellishment for you. If you want your "castle” to have the look of a classic gutter system, give Alloy Gutter Company a call.

    HELP…My Basement is Leaking!

    “My basement is leaking and I need someone to come out right away and fix my gutters.”  We occasionally get phone calls that start with these words. The following is a list of questions we will ask you to determine if your gutters are the problem or if it may be something else:

    • Are your gutters clean or do you have a waterfall coming from your gutters when it rains?
    • Are you sure the downspouts are not clogged and water is flowing from them during heavy rainfall?
    • Do all the downspouts have at least 3’ extensions?
    • Are the gutters leaking?
    • Are the gutters free of standing water/correctly pitched?

    If you can answer yes to all these questions, you don’t have a gutter problem.  You will need to contact a company that specializes in basement leaks. However, once your basement is dry again, the staff at Alloy Gutter Company wants to help you keep your gutter system operating properly. Make sure to call Alloy for any gutter cleaning or repair work you may need in the future.

    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Word

    We occasionally get a phone call that starts with the caller describing an unusual situation. They want to make us aware of a specific problem area. Because it’s important for us to have a clear understanding of what you are describing, it’s very helpful if you can send us a photo.  Just email it to us at

    The office staff at Alloy Gutter Company is constantly monitoring our email account so that we can update information that is needed for jobs and quotes. Our experienced staff will take a look at the photo and get back to you promptly. In most cases, the unusual situation turns out to be something we have dealt with many times.

    After over thirty five years in business, Alloy Gutter Company has the experience to troubleshoot any special needs. Give us a call, send us your pictures and we will make your gutter troubles a thing of the past!

    An Ounce of Prevention

    About 5 years ago, the neighbors behind me put an addition on the back of their house. The addition included new gutters. Their backyard has lots of big trees. Their house is a light gray brick house.  However, at the corner where the addition connects to the original house, the brick is now a mossy green color. This area always looks wet and green. There is no doubt that this moisture has found its way down to the foundation walls of the house. The soil has even eroded away in this area. This could easily be avoided if the homeowners simply cleaned out the gutters. Yes, they do have newer gutters but they can’t do their job if they are full of debris. Gutters, like everything else on your house, have to be maintained. When I look over in that direction, all I see are future $$$ signs. This is going to be an expense fix if it’s left go much longer. Foundation problems on a house can get real costly. They could simply call Alloy Gutter Company if they don’t want to do their own gutter cleaning. When Alloy cleans you gutters, you avoid paying the high price of deferred maintenance. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

    What to Look for When you Need to Hire a Gutter Installer

    New Residential House; Architectural Asphalt Shingle Roof, Vinyl Siding When hiring a Gutter company there are many different things that you should look for and consider.  Before you decide to go with any company please ask yourself these questions. How long have they been in business?  If a company is relatively new there may or may not be enough information to have you feel comfortable enough to hire them. How is the company’s reputation?  Ask around.  Do your research online.  How does the company stack up against other companies? Ask neighbors and friends for their opinions. Do you always talk to a real person when calling the company during business hours? Is there someone available during business hours to answer any questions you have?  Are they courteous and knowledgeable? Are they insured? This may be the most important question to ask the company before you hire them.  You do not want to risk having an uninsured company working on your home and having something going wrong.  You do not want to risk an uninsured company coming onto your property and getting hurt and you having to cover the medical bills. Make sure their coverage includes both liability and workers compensation.  Get a copy of their insurance to put your mind at ease. Are they licensed in the state that you live in? You will also want to make sure they are licensed in the state they are working in. Each states requirements for licensing is different, and frequently any protections the customer may have by hiring a licensed contractor is lost if the work is not being done in the state that issued the license. Do they offer a warranty for their work? A good reputable company will offer some sort of warranty for their work.  Get a copy of the proposed contract and make sure it defines what the warranty will be and for how long. You do not want to hire a company that will put you and your house at risk. So ask those questions. Make sure you do your research.

    Searching for Gargoyles?

    Water management has been important throughout history, it was essential for building maintenance and sanitation. Water drainage is even a part of Roman mythology. Cloacina is the goddess of the sewers. She dates back to 47 AD, at that time the Romans first introduced drains to Britain. Few people are familiar with how rain gutters have evolved. This timeline shows the evolution of today’s gutter system:
    • 1066: English towns and churches are being rebuilt after the Norman invasion. Gutters on churches are constructed with gargoyles.
    • 1240: The Tower of London has a downpipe erected to protect the whitewashed walls.
    • Middle Ages: Drainage disputes become one of the most frequent cases heard by authorities.
    • 1539: The start of the appearance of rainwater goods on grand houses. Cisterns and hopper heads are crafted from lead.
    • 1709: Cast iron replaces lead for rainwater goods.
    • 1939 – 1945: Plastic replaces cast iron for gutters and downspouts.
    • 1960’s: A seamless gutter machine is invented and aluminum is now used for gutters.
    It’s interesting to look back and see how far we have progressed but I appreciate that we are now way beyond the time of the gargoyles! Occasionally, we get calls asking if Alloy Gutter Company makes aluminum seamless gutters. All of our gutters are both aluminum and seamless. If you are looking for a gutter company who can offer you the best in today’s materials and installation give Alloy Gutter Company a call. If you are looking for gargoyles, check out the old churches in England!