This is the time of year that we begin to notice that the days are getting longer. The sun is up higher in the sky and we start to see things we may have missed during the dreary winter months. I recently glanced up at the corner ceiling and noticed the return of the cobweb. I was actually happy to see this annual spring visitor returning; ANYTHING that signals the end of winter is a welcome sight!

Now is the time I begin to make a list of outdoor projects.  My annual spring to do list usually starts with “no spend or very little spend” items. Projects that don’t require lots of dollars can make a huge difference on the appearance and function of your home’s exterior.

Spring To-Do List:

  • Clean out the garage (before you go out and repurchase things you already own)
  • Wash the windows (nothing lets in more sunlight than clean shiny windows)
  • Wash the patio furniture (setting it back outside again will put a smile on your face)
  • Hose off the front porch (playing with water is always a fun thing)
  • Clean out the flowerbeds (get ready for the flowers before you bring them home)
  • Clean out the gutters (make sure they are in good repair and ready for spring rains)

Most of us don’t enjoy cleaning out the gutters. It’s a hassle getting out the ladder and for someone who dislikes heights it’s a scary job. Three years ago I had Alloy Gutter Company put leaf protection on my gutters. I only wish I had done this sooner. I took this job off my list when Alloy Gutter Company came out and cleaned my gutters, inspected them and installed leaf protection. Let Alloy Gutter Company shorten your list…for a price that is far less than most people think…get off that ladder and enjoy the sunshine with both feet on the ground!