5 Signs You Should Invest in Gutters

Gutters may seem like one of those miscellaneous items that gets ignored when it comes to house repairs but trust us, it is an item that when ignored can lead to some serious expenditures. If you are on the fence about getting your gutters done, below are 5 signs that you should invest in getting the work done. 1. Leaking – If you notice that when it rains that water is dripping from the seams or corners it is sign that your gutters need some TLC. Leaks can lead to serious problems in the future. 2. Pulling Away – The gutters will start to pull away from the fascia board if there is too much weight in them, they will also pull away if water has been getting behind the gutter causing the fascia board to rot and the screws to pull out. When this happens you will want to call us to correct the issue before more damage is done 3. Trees in the Eaves – Gutters need to be cleaned annually at the very least. When you fail to maintain your gutter, you will eventually start to notice little plants growing in them. Your gutters were definitely not intended to become flower pots. 4. Holes – If you notice that your gutters have developed holes, this is the most obvious sign that the gutters are no longer doing their intended job. Gutters with holes will eventually cause mayhem to your landscaping and foundation. 5. Holding Water – Gutters should have a slight pitch. When gutters have had debris in them for a while the weight of the debris can cause the pitch to be off. This leads to having standing water left in the gutters. If this happens, the water can be a breeding ground for bugs and mold. We are happy to come out and assess any issues you have with your gutters. We are committed to solving your gutter problems. Give us a call at 734-374- 2100.

Spring Forward

This is the time of year that we begin to notice that the days are getting longer. The sun is up higher in the sky and we start to see things we may have missed during the dreary winter months. I recently glanced up at the corner ceiling and noticed the return of the cobweb. I was actually happy to see this annual spring visitor returning; ANYTHING that signals the end of winter is a welcome sight! Now is the time I begin to make a list of outdoor projects.  My annual spring to do list usually starts with “no spend or very little spend” items. Projects that don’t require lots of dollars can make a huge difference on the appearance and function of your home’s exterior. Spring To-Do List:
  • Clean out the garage (before you go out and repurchase things you already own)
  • Wash the windows (nothing lets in more sunlight than clean shiny windows)
  • Wash the patio furniture (setting it back outside again will put a smile on your face)
  • Hose off the front porch (playing with water is always a fun thing)
  • Clean out the flowerbeds (get ready for the flowers before you bring them home)
  • Clean out the gutters (make sure they are in good repair and ready for spring rains)
Most of us don’t enjoy cleaning out the gutters. It’s a hassle getting out the ladder and for someone who dislikes heights it’s a scary job. Three years ago I had Alloy Gutter Company put leaf protection on my gutters. I only wish I had done this sooner. I took this job off my list when Alloy Gutter Company came out and cleaned my gutters, inspected them and installed leaf protection. Let Alloy Gutter Company shorten your list...for a price that is far less than most people think…get off that ladder and enjoy the sunshine with both feet on the ground!

Spring Is Here…Now What?


We have had a long, cold, snowy winter, but hopefully that is all behind us and we can look forward to spending some time outside and enjoying the spring weather. Now is also the time to get outside and inspect the havoc that was wreaked on your home during the snowy, icy winter.

We nearly set a record in Metro Detroit this season, receiving over 76 inches of snow this winter (while our average is only 44 inches!) Grand Rapids, Michigan also experienced a much snowier winter than usual, receiving over 101 inches of snow this season (while their average snow fall is around 60 inches). Given the crazy amount of snow this year, it makes sense that our homes may need a little more exterior upkeep this spring – as snow and ice are hard on roofs and gutters.

Many home inspection experts will encourage you to get outside and check for any loose or hanging gutters. We had an extensive amount of calls this winter for ice & snow dam issues, which could very possibly have resulted in damage to gutters and downspouts. It is very important to get those issues fixed as soon as possible. When the “April Showers” arrive, you want your home to have proper water management, keeping water away from your home’s foundation and protecting your landscaping.

Spring Is Here! Suggestions From HGTV

Now that winter is nearing its' end and spring is on the horizon, it is time to get outside and examine your house.(Contractors - encourage your homeowners to do this!!) The spring sunshine will highlight areas that have taken abuse over the wet winter months. Fan of HGTV? They're #1 home maintenance tip for spring is to get out and take a look at your gutters! HGTV's first suggestion is to look for loose or leaky gutters. If your gutters are hanging off your house or if they are getting old, it might be time for a total replacement. You definitely want to avoid improper drainage, which could lead to water leaking into your basement or crawlspace. HGTV's second suggestion is to check for debris clogging your gutter system. This would be a good time to call on us for a professional gutter cleaning, or perhaps even to consider a leaf protection product. As always, we would be happy to come out and offer suggestions for your home as well as give you a free estimate.