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Spring Is Here…Now What?


We have had a long, cold, snowy winter, but hopefully that is all behind us and we can look forward to spending some time outside and enjoying the spring weather. Now is also the time to get outside and inspect the havoc that was wreaked on your home during the snowy, icy winter.

We nearly set a record in Metro Detroit this season, receiving over 76 inches of snow this winter (while our average is only 44 inches!) Grand Rapids, Michigan also experienced a much snowier winter than usual, receiving over 101 inches of snow this season (while their average snow fall is around 60 inches). Given the crazy amount of snow this year, it makes sense that our homes may need a little more exterior upkeep this spring – as snow and ice are hard on roofs and gutters.

Many home inspection experts will encourage you to get outside and check for any loose or hanging gutters. We had an extensive amount of calls this winter for ice & snow dam issues, which could very possibly have resulted in damage to gutters and downspouts. It is very important to get those issues fixed as soon as possible. When the “April Showers” arrive, you want your home to have proper water management, keeping water away from your home’s foundation and protecting your landscaping.