Faster Is Better – Use Nail Guns Over Hand Nailing

The result of hand nailing versus using a nail gun shows that the downside to hand nailing a roof is the extra labor costs involved. The roofing job will take more time. The roofing material manufacturers say both methods are good however when you ask the roofers their opinions usually fall distinctly into one camp or the other. Some refuse to use nail guns while others swear by them. The first nail gun came into use around 1950 and its use was adopted by roofers all over the country. With nail gun installation, the potential for problems might be higher as holding a nail gun at the wrong angle could drive the nails in at odd angles. Roofers need to change adjustments due to changes in wood type, roofing material and the weather. Different contractor's may have different preferred installation methods.   KEYTAKEAWAYS:
  • The introduction of the Milwaukee cordless nailer lineup offers a variety of high-quality nailers, in the most commonly-used gauges.
  • There are gas-powered nailers available, and some do a pretty good job.
  • When the nailer is turned on, it defaults to sequential mode, which is indicated by steady green lights near the power switch.
"Doing punch list work like that would be an excellent way to use the Milwaukee cordless nailer. It’s very fast and easy to just grab it, power it on, and bang away; not having to mess with a compressor and air hose saves a fair amount of time and aggravation." Original Sorce:

Small Roof Leaks – Major Damage

A small roof leak can cause great headache and be quite costly if not fix promptly. Finding where the leak is can be hard and you might need to find a reliable roofer that will get it right the first time. Minor leaks can cause major damage. Listen to a 60 seconds home improvement radio tip and avoid roofers that give you a list of bullet points with important details missing. Ensure that you know exactly what materials the contractor plans to use. Second-rate supplies maybe cheaper, but at the end you might need additional repair that will cost you a lot of money. KEY TAKEAWAYS
  • Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable contractor.
  • Take a closer look at the estimates you’ve already received. How comprehensive are they?
  • A careful review takes time, but it can save you thousands of dollars—and loads of grief.
"Don’t let your roofer talk you into nailing new shingles over the old ones. You’re better off inspecting the sheathing below and correcting any issues before moving forward. Finally, before you sign the contract, read it over so you understand any liabilities and warranties. If anything goes wrong on the job—or after the crew leaves—you’ll know exactly where you stand." Original Source: