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Leaf Protection: A Great Idea For a Housewarming Gift

My daughter and her husband will be house shopping this spring. After several years of saving up for a down payment, they are now ready to start looking for their first place. No matter what size or style of home they pick, I have the perfect house warming gift for them!

These new homeowners will not be rookies when it comes to maintaining a home. They have been renting a house for 4 years and they are well aware of the yard work and other exterior chores that it takes to keep up a house. This means that they will really appreciate any gift that puts an end to the not so fun chore of gutter cleaning.


Leaf protection for your gutters may seem like an unusual gift choice. However, I know it will be much appreciated. Every spring and fall they will no longer be climbing a ladder to scoop out piles of wet leaves. A bonus for me is that I won’t even have to go shopping for this great gift. All I have to do is give Alloy Gutter Company a call and they will take care of everything. Once Alloy has finished the installation, the new homeowners will be thanking me for years to come!