Leaf Protection: A Great Idea For a Housewarming Gift

My daughter and her husband will be house shopping this spring. After several years of saving up for a down payment, they are now ready to start looking for their first place. No matter what size or style of home they pick, I have the perfect house warming gift for them! These new homeowners will not be rookies when it comes to maintaining a home. They have been renting a house for 4 years and they are well aware of the yard work and other exterior chores that it takes to keep up a house. This means that they will really appreciate any gift that puts an end to the not so fun chore of gutter cleaning. Leaf-Protection Leaf protection for your gutters may seem like an unusual gift choice. However, I know it will be much appreciated. Every spring and fall they will no longer be climbing a ladder to scoop out piles of wet leaves. A bonus for me is that I won’t even have to go shopping for this great gift. All I have to do is give Alloy Gutter Company a call and they will take care of everything. Once Alloy has finished the installation, the new homeowners will be thanking me for years to come!

What are the Different Types of Leaf Protection that Alloy Gutter Offers?

At Alloy Gutter we offer 3 different types of leaf protection.  Based on our 39 years of experience we believe these three types of leaf protection are the best options for our customers.  The three types of leaf protection we offer are strainer, shelter, and helmet. Strainer style leaf protection sits in the gutter and has been compared to a spaghetti strainer.  This is the most requested type of leaf protection and for good reason.  It is the most cost effective and lasts for many years.  Strainer is not visible from the curb.  It does not require any maintenance and keeps the leaves, twigs and branches out.  It fits both 5” and 6” K style gutters.   Shelter style leaf protection provides an ultra-low profile that is barely visible from the ground.  It comes in an assortment of colors. You do not need to replace your current gutters.  Leaf Shelter installs over your existing 5" or 6" gutters.  This type of leaf protection can handle the heaviest of rains.   Helmet style leaf protection is guaranteed for life.  It also comes in an assortment of colors. It comes in 4-ft panels that are easy to replace in case one or more is damaged by an external force. Helmet style leaf protection does not affect your roof or its’ warranty because the product screws directly into your gutters.  This leaf protection offers a custom fit to meet your leaf protection needs.

Leaf Protection: Protect Your Gutters

RobB1 Does leaf protection really matter?
  • Gutters are the first line of defense against water leaking into your home.
  • If your gutters are clogged with debris, water is probably not draining away from your home properly.
  • If water is not draining properly, it can collect along your foundation, possibly leading to dreaded basement leaks.
  • The weight of water and debris sitting in your gutters can cause your gutters to pull away from your home.
  • Clogged and dirty gutters can promote ice dams in the winter, which are particularly dangerous and can lead to your gutters falling off your house completely due to the weight of the ice.
  • Gutters that are full of debris and mucky water can attract nasty vermin – including carpenter ants, mosquitoes, and other rodents.  Once these critters make it into your gutters, their next stop would be inside your house!
Our solution: Leaf Protection! We offer 3 types of leaf protection. Strainer style is our most popular style, as it sits flush in the gutter and is not visible from the ground. Many of our own employees, including our owner, have this product on their homes! It is a great seller. Shelter style is another popular leaf protection that we offer. The way it works is that leaves, debris, and twigs will land on top of the system and are blown off by the wind. Rainwater will flow down your roof into the “patent-pending Aluma Flow Louver System,” where it is then directed through your gutters to an outlet, and then discharges out of the downspout. It comes in 12 colors to match your existing gutters or your roof shingles, if you desire. Our final leaf protection product is Helmet style. One of the benefits of this product is that it is easy to repair and can be replaced in 4 feet panels, in case of a fallen tree or something of that nature. It is said to handle any imaginable amount of rainfall due to its heavy duty material and thoughtfully engineered design.  This product comes in 15 colors, plus copper, to match your new or existing gutters. Having been in business for over 37 years, we have tested many different types of leaf protection products. After careful research and many years of experience, we have found these products to be of the best quality and value. We can, however, obtain and install other types of leaf protection per request. However, we feel that you will be more than satisfied with any of these 3 products. Call us today to set up a free estimate. Cheers to leaf-free gutters!

Spring Is Here! Suggestions From HGTV

Now that winter is nearing its' end and spring is on the horizon, it is time to get outside and examine your house.(Contractors - encourage your homeowners to do this!!) The spring sunshine will highlight areas that have taken abuse over the wet winter months. Fan of HGTV? They're #1 home maintenance tip for spring is to get out and take a look at your gutters! HGTV's first suggestion is to look for loose or leaky gutters. If your gutters are hanging off your house or if they are getting old, it might be time for a total replacement. You definitely want to avoid improper drainage, which could lead to water leaking into your basement or crawlspace. HGTV's second suggestion is to check for debris clogging your gutter system. This would be a good time to call on us for a professional gutter cleaning, or perhaps even to consider a leaf protection product. As always, we would be happy to come out and offer suggestions for your home as well as give you a free estimate.

Leaf Protection Confessions

I’ll be honest.  I used to be one of the biggest critics of leaf protection systems.  I thought that they were over-priced, ineffective, ugly, and completely superfluous. Until I bought my own home and cleaning the gutters became my responsibility. I live in a small home; however it’s surrounded by trees.  As pine needles, helicopters, leaves, walnuts, birds’ nests, tennis balls and all sorts of other interesting accessories collected in my gutters, it didn’t take long before they were full of water and overflowing with rancid, brown-colored ooze. So my Saturday would look a little something like this:  Haul the ladder out, strategically and carefully wrestle it around trees, shrubs, electrical meters, decks, and walkways,  begin removing a copious amount of black smelly gutter muck from the gutters and downspouts, and running a garden hose up the ladder to spray out as much of the debris as possible.  (By this time an audience of half a dozen or so neighborhood kids would be standing beneath my ladder, watching with particular interest).  By the end of the process, I’ve been dive bombed by angry, overly protective mother birds, nearly fallen off the ladder, and covered myself from head to toe in gutter muck.  (I suppose it is entertaining for the kids).  Now every time I reach for the ladder, I hear a neighbor kid yell, “HEY EVERYBODY, HE’S GETTING THE LADDER OUT!” It gets worse.  This is a process that requires constant attention throughout the year. To ensure that your gutters are draining properly, they need to be cleaned out on a consistent basis.  It doesn’t take but a handful of leaves (or 1 rogue tennis ball) to clog your downspout outlet.  One clogged outlet could result in a basement full of water or washed out landscaping. Turns out that leaf protection is quite functional and cost effective.  We offer a wide range of leaf protection products, all of them effective, affordable, and zero maintenance products. 6935265

Why Protect Your Gutters and Your Home?

875573 (1) Fall is here and the leaves have begun to descend.  Homeowners may be thinking about how they can keep their gutters from clogging with leaf and debris build-up.  Besides having to spend a Saturday cleaning out the gutters, homeowners may be surprised to find out that there are other ramifications to unprotected gutters. • Clogged gutters can cause water to back up into the house, leading to wall and ceiling damage. • Landscaping can be ruined by overflowing water. • Excessive water around the foundation of a home may eventually cause cracks around the foundation walls. • The wood fascia around the house can rot by water backing up from the clogged gutters. • Standing water in your gutter attracts insects. Alloy Gutter also offers a Gutter Cleaning Service.

The Benefits of Alloy Gutter’s Leaf Protection Systems


Shelter Style

  1. Prevents clogged gutters which can damage basements, foundations, and landscaping
  2. Does not require replacement of gutters, can be installed over existing 5" or 6" gutters
  3. Handles the heaviest rains
  4. Ultra Low Profile is barely visible from the ground
  5. Adds years to existing gutter systems

Strainer Style

  1. No maintenance necessary
  2. Stays in place - resistant to rain, snow, wind - and pests
  3. Fits securely in new or existing 5" or 6" gutter
  4. No need to lift shingles - leaving your roof and its' warranty in tact
  5. Keeps leaves, twigs, branches out

Helmet Style

  1. Guaranteed for Life!
  2. 4-ft panels are easy to replace in case one or more is damaged by an external force (falling tree limb, etc)
  3. Does not affect your roof or its' warranty because the product screws directly into your gutters
  4. Offers a custom fit
  5. Aluminum end caps and miters enclose the system to ensure debris and animals stay out!

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