A Finishing Touch

Half a century ago, many stately homes and churches used scupper boxes as part of their standard gutter systems. At that time, scupper boxes were necessary to control the large volume of water flowing off the massive buildings. Today we rarely have an actual need for scupper boxes. However, some architects specify them for their decorative appeal. Alloy Gutter Company occasionally gets a request to include scupper boxes on a job.  We are a full service gutter company and can install this ornamental embellishment for you. If you want your "castle” to have the look of a classic gutter system, give Alloy Gutter Company a call.

Home Inspections and Gutters

Are you purchasing a new home? If so, you are most likely going to have the property inspected before signing the final paperwork. One of the most crucial things every house needs is a properly functioning gutter system. The following is a list of things that the gutter portion of your home inspection should include:
  • gutters should be free of clogs
  • gutters should not have holes or gaps at the joints
  • gutters should not be sagging or pulling away from the house
  • gutters should be properly pitched
  • downspout drains should have extensions
The gutters will be unable to do their job if anything on this list needs to be corrected. You don’t want to put off any necessary repair work; improper water drainage can damage the structural integrity of your new house. This could result in thousands of dollars of damage. Let Alloy Gutter Company repair or replace the gutters BEFORE you move into your new home. With over thirty five years of experience, we are the company to call. Congratulations on your new place!

Gutters – An Unlikely Tourist Attraction

Do you like straying off the beaten path when traveling?  Do you enjoy seeing and hearing what artists, sculptors and designers do to create unusual building facades? If you seek a unique travel experience, be sure to check out the “singing drain pipes” of Dresden. Located in Dresden, Germany, is a series of courtyards known as Kunsthofpassage.  An art experiment known as the Ginkgo project resulted in 5 unique building facades. The most photographed one is The Courtyard of the Elements. This bright turquoise building is covered in a unique configuration of gutter pipes and funnels. In addition, this gutter system plays music when it rains! Alloy Gutter Company doesn't offer musical gutters. However, we may have you “singing in the rain” after installing your gutter system. If you want to hear drainpipe music you must travel to Germany. However, if you want the best gutter system available you can find it right here at Alloy Gutter Company!