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3 Signs Your Gutters Need Replacing

Gutter-Replacement3 Signs your gutters need replacing that you might never have thought of. . . 1. When it rains, you can hear water smacking the ground – This normally indicates that your gutters are not draining properly and that the water if pouring over the sides. Your gutters might be misaligned or blocked by debris. Sometimes this is an easy fix where you only have to have your gutters cleaned. But, sometimes it may indicate that you need to look at replacing your gutters, especially if this is happening in more than one area on your house. 2. You’re finding nails or broken fasteners on the ground – This normally indicates that your gutters are loose. If a big storm/wind comes, it could take your gutters with it. Sometimes all that needs to be done is to have your gutters re-secured. But, more often than not and depending on the reason why your gutters were loose in the first place, you may need to have them replaced. 3. When you look at your gutters, you can see gaps between the gutters and the fascia board – This normally indicates that your gutters are pulling away from your house and that the water is probably getting to close to the outside of your home. This can lead to problems with your foundation, basement leaking, and even ruining your landscaping. You would need to get these replaced/repaired as soon as possible to avoid long term issues.

For Great Curb Appeal – Start at the Top of Your House


Every spring we see advertisements that encourage us to freshen up the exteriors of our homes.  It’s so easy to get excited about adding beautiful flowering plants and fresh mulch to our landscapes. Everyone wants their home to have great curb appeal.  However, few people realize how important gutters are to maintaining the curb appeal of their homes.


Spring showers are great for greening up your landscape but if your gutters are leaking, those beautiful foundation plantings are taking a beating.  Make sure you look up during those rain showers to be sure your gutters are not overflowing and are draining the rain water away from your home’s foundation.   Stop any water erosion by having your gutters cleaned, repaired or replaced.

Gardening is hard work and we want our efforts to pay off for many years to come. Don’t let the rain wash away all your hard labor.  I have learned this lesson the hard way; one of my spring projects is to add soil and grass seed to an area where the soil eroded due to an overflowing gutter. Don’t let this happen to you.

Spring Is Here! Suggestions From HGTV

Now that winter is nearing its' end and spring is on the horizon, it is time to get outside and examine your house.(Contractors - encourage your homeowners to do this!!) The spring sunshine will highlight areas that have taken abuse over the wet winter months. Fan of HGTV? They're #1 home maintenance tip for spring is to get out and take a look at your gutters! HGTV's first suggestion is to look for loose or leaky gutters. If your gutters are hanging off your house or if they are getting old, it might be time for a total replacement. You definitely want to avoid improper drainage, which could lead to water leaking into your basement or crawlspace. HGTV's second suggestion is to check for debris clogging your gutter system. This would be a good time to call on us for a professional gutter cleaning, or perhaps even to consider a leaf protection product. As always, we would be happy to come out and offer suggestions for your home as well as give you a free estimate.