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Clean the Gutters – Evict the Critters

Are your gutters doing their intended job of keeping rain water away from the foundation of your house or have they become a habitat for small animals? Debris in gutters makes great nesting material for small animals like birds and squirrels. Also, mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. Don’t be that neighbor who provides the critters and bugs a condo. The most effective way to discourage critters from nesting in your gutters is to keep them clean. Leaf-Guard-Protection Gutters that are debris free and dry between rain showers are your best defense against pests. However, we occasionally get a call asking for advice on how to stop birds from nest building in their clean gutters. Most of the callers say that they have tried everything. However, birds can be VERY persistent. Leaf protection products will usually hinder the nest builders. Also, you will be able to stop the never ending job of cleaning the gutters. Have Alloy Gutter Company install leaf protection on your house. Alloy can stop debris from getting into your gutters AND evict the critters!