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Top 5 Reasons To Keep Gutters Clean

Gutters are a significant part of your roofing system and it is crucial that you perform regular gutter maintenance. Your gutter system is designed to redirect the flow of water off the roof and away from your home. However, it is very common for leaves, branches, and other debris to obstruct water flow and cause the gutters not to perform to their full potential. Gutters When your gutters are full of junk they fail to do their job properly. To reiterate, the job of your gutters is to drain water away from the house. If water is not properly drained away from your home, an array of issues can arise. Listed below are 5 top reasons we think you should clean your gutters out regularly. Sagging Gutters – The number one issue we get repair calls for is sagging gutters. If you have the weight of debris in your gutters along with the weight of water you have a recipe for disaster. If you don’t take care of this issue by winter the water will freeze causing the gutters to become extremely heavy. Over time the screw in brackets will loosen and pull away from the fascia board (or rotted fascia board) causing them to sag and eventually fall of the home, resulting in you having to shell out money to get them fixed. Rotting Wood – What happens when water has cannot drain properly off the roof? The water will back up on the fascia board. Water seeping into your fascia board will cause that board to rot. Rotting wood does not look good on any house. And if that rotted wood isn’t taken care of you can expect it to cause substantial damage to the structure of your house, which meaning big money to repair. Mold – Nobody likes the word mold. In fact you tell any potential home buyer that your house has mold you won’t be selling it anytime soon. Again, when water has nowhere to go and sits for a long period of time mildew and mold will begin to form. After a while that mold will spread and mold is difficult to remove causing you to spend your hard earned money on something that could have been avoided. Water Staining – When there are leaves, dirt, grime and filth clogging your gutters there is nowhere for water to drain. Water will drain over the gutters and down the gutters themselves leaving stains. The water will, in time, stain the walls underneath the gutters. Eventually you’ll end up with gutters and walls that look dirty. Pests – I have not met one person in this world who has told me they don’t mind mosquitoes. Mosquitoes absolutely love standing water. If you haven’t cleaned your gutters in awhile I can guarantee you will have created the breeding grounds for hundreds of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes aren’t the only pest that likes standing water, ants, termites and other vermin will find their way to your roof line and maybe even into your home. Save yourself the frustration from all these issues and clean your gutters regularly. If you don’t have the time to do this job yourself, give us a call at Alloy Gutter. We will be happy to assist you.

10 Signs You Need New Gutters!

Professionally installed seamless gutters are vital to your house. The main function of gutters is to redirect rainwater and melting snow away from your foundation as it flows off the roof. If there are no gutters to collect that runoff, water could wander into areas of your house where you clearly do not want it to go.

seamless-gutters We suggest you do not ignore gutters problems. Ignoring the problem now could lead to expensive fixes later. Repairs could also be more costly than just replacing the whole gutter system. If you observe the following signs, they might be an indication that your gutters need to be repaired or replaced.
  1. Gutters that are pulling away from the house
  2. Foundation Cracks
  3. Water in the Basement
  4. Gutters that are rusty, dented, or leaking
  5. Eroding/Damaged landscaping
  6. Stains on the gutters themselves
  7. Standing water in gutters
  8. Mold around the foundation and in the basement
  9. Peeling paint around the gutters
  10. Holes in the gutters
At Alloy Gutter we take pride in our quality gutter services. If you are experiencing any of these issues we will be glad to get you a free estimate and work with you to get your problems solved.

Benefits of Having Seamless Aluminum Gutters

There are several different options for you to choose from when selecting gutter material.  All are solid choices however aluminum gutters are often referred to as being your best choice and there are many reasons why.  Let’s go over a couple of them. The number one reason customers select seamless aluminum gutters to be installed on their house is because they resist rust and are inexpensive.  They are well known for being very durable which is why they come with a 30 year warranty. Another benefit to choosing aluminum gutters over other materials is the simplicity with which these gutters can be painted with the color of your preference and made to match the exterior color of your home and roof. Aluminum gutters also have the advantage of being customizable meaning the gutters can be shaped to fit any space on the roof or down the side of a house.  This option makes it easy to see why people like seamless aluminum gutters. Lastly, seamless aluminum gutters look anesthetically pleasing and compliment any home.  Alloy Gutter will come out and custom fit your needs. Please give us a call for a free estimate today!

Why Seamless Gutters?

We frequently get asked the question; what does the term seamless gutter mean?  Seamless gutter simply means that your gutters are produced in one continuous run, on site, to any length that is needed to fit your homes specifications. Seamless gutters are the most highly recommended form of guttering systems.  They account for over 75% of all gutters installed in the United States. With seamless gutters you greatly reduce any possibility of leaking.  They are also very strong and add curb appeal to any home. Alloy Gutter has over 30 colors to choose from for your home.  We have been specializing in seamless gutter installations for over 35 years and are here to help you with any questions you have.  Don’t hesitate any longer.

Leaf Protection Confessions

I’ll be honest.  I used to be one of the biggest critics of leaf protection systems.  I thought that they were over-priced, ineffective, ugly, and completely superfluous. Until I bought my own home and cleaning the gutters became my responsibility. I live in a small home; however it’s surrounded by trees.  As pine needles, helicopters, leaves, walnuts, birds’ nests, tennis balls and all sorts of other interesting accessories collected in my gutters, it didn’t take long before they were full of water and overflowing with rancid, brown-colored ooze. So my Saturday would look a little something like this:  Haul the ladder out, strategically and carefully wrestle it around trees, shrubs, electrical meters, decks, and walkways,  begin removing a copious amount of black smelly gutter muck from the gutters and downspouts, and running a garden hose up the ladder to spray out as much of the debris as possible.  (By this time an audience of half a dozen or so neighborhood kids would be standing beneath my ladder, watching with particular interest).  By the end of the process, I’ve been dive bombed by angry, overly protective mother birds, nearly fallen off the ladder, and covered myself from head to toe in gutter muck.  (I suppose it is entertaining for the kids).  Now every time I reach for the ladder, I hear a neighbor kid yell, “HEY EVERYBODY, HE’S GETTING THE LADDER OUT!” It gets worse.  This is a process that requires constant attention throughout the year. To ensure that your gutters are draining properly, they need to be cleaned out on a consistent basis.  It doesn’t take but a handful of leaves (or 1 rogue tennis ball) to clog your downspout outlet.  One clogged outlet could result in a basement full of water or washed out landscaping. Turns out that leaf protection is quite functional and cost effective.  We offer a wide range of leaf protection products, all of them effective, affordable, and zero maintenance products. 6935265

Nobody’s Perfect

Once upon a time there was a customer; we’ll call her Mrs. Smith. She hired a contractor to install seamless gutters and downspouts on her house. Mrs. Smith was very particular about everything. She carefully picked her colors, discussed every last detail with the crew, and sat in her lawn chair with her precious little toy poodle Taffy to oversee their workmanship. 9054982 The job progressed smoothly while Mrs. Smith and Taffy barked out requests and orders as they saw necessary. As the men were finishing, Mrs. Smith had to go inside to take a phone call, leaving Taffy to supervise. The crew members went around the back of the house to start the clean-up process, making sure to leave the job site spotless. Taffy remained in the front of the house curiously poking around the men’s tool belts. She found a tube of gutter sealant, pulled it out of the tool pouch, and proceeded to roll around in fresh caulk. 282210 Mrs. Smith exited the house at the exact same time that the workers came around to see the site. To the shock and horror of everyone involved, Taffy was covered in the very difficult to remove sealant. Mrs. Smith went CRAZY!!! She was absolutely furious, crying that her poor baby would never be the same. 7889987 Long story short, we here at Alloy Gutter paid for the puppy spa so that Taffy could get a proper clean-up and haircut. Mrs. Smith was satisfied with our willingness to do so, and in the end was quite pleased with our work to boot. 5036029 The point is, we all make mistakes. The important thing is that we take responsibility for our mistakes and satisfy our customers to the very best of our ability. We’ve been striving to do what’s right for 35 years now. Play your cards right and give us a shot; you might get a free cat pedicure out of the deal.